Arnold Siegel will be Conducting His Newly Designed Planning Workshop December 3, 4 and 5, 2021 on ZOOM!

This Workshop is a deep philosophic dive into the question of who you are, and a multidimensional approach to planning your life. It’s an opportunity to reach for a life rich in meaning, noble in enterprise, sublime in purpose and admirable by design. 

In the Workshop Arnold Siegel will cover how to: 

Author a change in your way of being. Learn to reset the many ways that interfere with and impede your goals, desires and objectives. 

Author your relationship to your ego. Tackle the deconstruction of the philosophic disorders of dispossession and psychologism, which are so often counterproductive and mind-numbing.

Author your life by making careful choices. Master how to artfully integrate what is both experientially satisfying, fulfilling and meaningful with your talent, skill and expertise.

Author your voice. Learn to overcome your brute instincts in favor of behavior that does not compromise the moral integrity of your voice. Your moral integrity is a critical variable of your resourcefulness even as you struggle to make decisions, resolve conflicts and take action.

Author the courage to love and be loved. Yes, love too, is included in the planning! 

Author your intellectual horizons. Expand and nurture your love of the knowledge and learning that give meaning, substance and joy to your autonomy and life.

Author your future. Turn your goals into realistic and measurable objectives and create motivating benchmarks that will move you toward your goals, set benchmarks for your success!

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