Arnold Siegel Launches the 2019 Advanced Classes and Coursework

In New York City in January Arnold Siegel will jumpstart the 35thyear of Autonomy and Life with the 2019 Advanced Class! 

Arnold’s Advanced Classes provides the context, content, perspective, strategies and know-how with which to construct and live a life of one’s own design.

From Arnold’s blog:

“We who study autonomy and life are intent upon bringing about a sea change in the way we employ and discharge our authority over ourselves. We seek a more productive and at the same time satisfying understanding of these matters, a vision of life lived without an oversized ego as its foundation.” 

Participants who study autonomy and life are intent on developing their executive capacity at enlightened self-rule. Committed to personal integrity, responsibility and accountability and willing to bear the burden of individual freedom in America, they take on the challenge of effectively managing the lifelong struggle precipitated by both nature and the pressures of the external world. Through observation, study and practice, this coursework philosophically describes how, in fact, autonomy and life actually works in America. Participants come to understand when they commit to achieving “behavioral gold,” they serve both country and themselves. 

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