Arnold Siegel Begins His 36th Year of Advanced Classes and Coursework in Autonomy and Life!

This January in New York City begins Arnold Siegel’s 36th year teaching his unique study program — the Advanced Classes and Coursework of Autonomy and Life. This study program recognizes the critical importance and reward of cultivating a particular focused intelligence.

These classes, held monthly either on the East Coast or West Coast, are a continuation of Siegel’s long intention to have its participants realize an empowering understanding of what it means to be an autonomous subject philosophically, existentially and pragmatically in America. 

Autonomy and Life is a philosophy, a discipline reflective of the substantive claim we are required to make on ourselves. Through observation, study and practice, this coursework describes how, in fact, autonomy and life actually works in America.

As his students immerse themselves in the philosophic framework that houses the forms and processes that shape the responsible behavior expected of the autonomous subject, they find the security of mind and place to make themselves fit to address both possibility and adversity. 

From Arnold Siegel’s blog:

“To earn a real and accountable stake in the American enterprise, we must embody the responsible behavior and acquire the resources of the framework of the autonomous subject whose principles are to be given priority in our efforts to author our life.”

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