About Arnold Siegel

Arnold Siegel is a contemporary American thinker and philosopher. And as the founder of Autonomy and Life, he has created a unique curriculum that addresses the conflicts and complexities of modern life. Siegel teaches all of the classes personally. They focus on how to make the most of our individual lives and lived experience while at the same time cooperating with and contributing to the achievement of America’s historic social goals of liberty, equality and justice.

Over the span of 36 years, more than 5,000 individuals have worked directly with Arnold Siegel, often on an ongoing basis. He also posts frequently to his blog at autonomyandlife.com/blog, which are available to everyone. Siegel has also placed numerous articles on the self-publishing site, Medium, where the site’s curators have designated him a “Top writer in Education” and recommended many of his articles to readers interested in areas such as Philosophy, Self, Education and Relationships.

Arnold Siegel’s Planning Workshops, offered twice a year and currently conducted on Zoom, offer a comprehensive master class in his unique philosophy for living. His Advanced Classes, which meet 8 times a year over 2 days, also conducted on Zoom, further accelerate the momentum and deep thinking intrinsic to this powerful course of study.

Autonomy and Life: American Philosophy for Our Times 

The purpose of Autonomy and Life is twofold. It addresses those who seek to leverage their talents, skills, education and experience in their practice of extending and defending themselves in the competitive arenas that define America.

And it addresses those who seek to avoid the bitter discontent that inevitably accompanies a dysfunctional ego. In other words, the philosophy and discipline of Autonomy and Life are designed to help us make the most of the American opportunity to live a life of our own design and at the same time, to deal successfully and responsibly with the situations, predicaments and disappointments that each of us inevitably face.

Years in the Marketplace

Mr. Siegel left Brooklyn, New York, where he grew up, in 1960 and began work at a prominent Los Angeles accounting firm. At 29, rising quickly through the ranks, he was named partner, the youngest employee ever to hold that title. The following year, he seized the opportunity to found the firm’s San Francisco office. As managing partner for Bay Area operations, he worked with some of the country’s most high-powered companies.

In 1973, Arnold Siegel became partner and chief operating officer at a dynamic real estate development firm based in the Bay Area. He oversaw the approval and construction of a major waterfront residential community near San Francisco, which remains one of the Bay Area’s most ambitious waterfront developments to date. Later he turned his attention to the creation of a new accounting firm designed to support companies large and small with the skills necessary to not only maintain but also to build sustainable and fundamentally sound businesses.

In the early 1980s, Arnold Siegel launched a private satellite communications system capable of serving more than 20 U.S. cities with simultaneous content feeds. Though the “hard-wired” network of what we now know as “the internet” wouldn’t exist for another decade, Siegel’s innovative commercial use of “live feed” was a precursor to what was to come.

After a successful two decades in corporate America, while simultaneously engaged in a largely self-guided inquiry into the relationship between personal freedom and the rules that govern social, economic and political life, Arnold Siegel founded Autonomy and Life.

Arnold Siegel: Autonomy and Life in the 21st Century

Though Autonomy and Life’s record of accomplishment is solid, firmly established in a unique cultural and education niche, Siegel continues to refine his philosophy for life. Each retreat workshop and advanced class presents another opportunity to explore new techniques and methodologies.

Arnold Siegel resides in Mill Valley, California. When not teaching, he reads, thinks, posts to his blog and is also working to complete his book, How to Think About Autonomy and Life.